Oct 03 2018

Preparing your Garden for a Holiday

There is always considerable agony in preparing your garden for a long absence from home, and yet, for many people it is something that occurs at least once every year. You might find that your fruit and vegetable crops choose to ripen exactly as you need to leave either for business, or even a vacation […]

Oct 02 2018

Ways of Using Technology to Increase Safety at Work

Technology is advancing the safety and health of workers in a variety of different workplaces, from the office to the construction site. Technology at work isn’t only for improving employee productivity or obtaining more precise data. Workplace engineering is about improving security conditions for workers and enhancing employee health. Technology is used to boost workplace […]

Aug 25 2018
iphone seized by border patrol

I-Phone Seized – Woman Sues US Border Agents

An American girl had her phone picked up by border agents as she returned home to the United States is suing the country’s border protection service. Agents captured her iPhone after she refused to unlock it for them. The lawsuit alleges that border agents took a copy of the information on her smartphone and neglected […]