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Oct 22 2018

Four tips to understanding your teams located offshore

Managing and building rapport with your offshoring solutions team can be very challenging, particularly when they share different values and belief. However, it shouldn’t keep you from bridging the gaps between foreign and local teams to maintain harmony and achieve business objectives. If you’re currently delegating tasks or intend to construct Asian offshore teams, check […]

Oct 06 2018

5 Advantages Of Using Online Time Sheets

In the realm of business, it is reasonable to say that there is enough to cope with without needing to keep an eye on workers and their timesheets. For several decades, businesses have required worker timesheets to be filled out manually and subsequently passed to the HR department for inspection. But, keeping track of numerous […]

Oct 04 2018

The 2018 Trends Inside The Hotel Industry

There is no room for dull in Australia’s hotel market. Globally the hotel industry is undergoing innovation and change on a scale never seen previously. With new signings at Melbourne verified for Ritz-Carlton, W Hotel, Shangri-La and Hotel Indigo, as well as Australia’s overall distribution set to double in the next two years there are […]