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Sep 13 2019
Halloween fun

Spirit of Joyous Halloween and togetherness in Australia

Are you a lover of Halloween? With the influx of American culture into our society, you will find polarising remarks about the commercialisation of another heritage. However, by the pass of each year, Halloween is becoming more prominent in Australia. You will find more Parties, better decorations, pendants, and a larger aisle devoted to Halloween […]

Aug 08 2019

Comparing Wind and Solar Energy

Nobody can deplete the potential supply of solar and wind, dubbing themĀ as the best renewable energy sources. As renewable sources of energy, many homeowners in Australia have the opportunity to save cost when they use wind or solar energy for electricity. Unlike fossil fuels like coal, renewable energy is clean and cheaper for residential or […]

Oct 04 2018

The 2018 Trends Inside The Hotel Industry

There is no room for dull in Australia’s hotel market. Globally the hotel industry is undergoing innovation and change on a scale never seen previously. With new signings at Melbourne verified for Ritz-Carlton, W Hotel, Shangri-La and Hotel Indigo, as well as Australia’s overall distribution set to double in the next two years there are […]