Common Topics of a Lifestyle Magazine

There had been numerous lifestyle magazines that had survived the competition among the glossy covers, the freshest ideas and the appeal it gives to its audience. Somehow though, with our mobile phones at hand, it transformed into something different.

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  1. more economical – No need for publishing it in paper. A lot of trees will be preserved from this transformation.
  2. more accessible by all – mobile devices have allowed for reading material to be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  3. cheaper – People needed subscriptions to publishing houses for these magazines. Or, you have to buy it in the stalls to get hold of the latest trends and gossips. Now, most of the time, a subscription is free.

Somehow, putting an online edition of a lifestyle magazine should cover basically the same stuff to keep your audience reading. More or less, if you are keeping up an online lifestyle magazine, it still stands alive because of the advertisements  and marketing just like how the tangible glossy pages had to be filled up with those sponsors. So, what it covers matter.

Here are some Common Topics a Lifestyle Magazine Can Cover:


Almost all lifestyle magazine has this in every issue they release depending on the audience it wants to target and the tone it uses. Whether it’s for women, men, parents or niche specific like travel, tourism, health and fitness, fashion pages can be tweaked to best suite them.


A lot of people rely heavily on reviews for books, movies, beauty products or new technology. It’s because they love knowing about first-hand information from those who had experienced it already. It’s always effective when it comes from a non-celebrity because it gives more of a truthful feel to what they say and they are convinced that if they’re saying something nice about the product that it’s not because they’re advertising it for their own benefit. You can also experiment with reviewing niche topics such as an exhibition showcase at a fancy art gallery or the latest museum display at your cities most popular museum.

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Any kind of a getaway is heeded and dreamed of. It’s best when a short feature of multiple places is published. In terms of comparing numerous Asian countries for example. Include overall costs to go, the spot they shouldn’t miss and an activity that is solely that country’s own. These are all helpful tips when people decide on where to go. Whether the place to go is about adventure, relaxation, entertainment or experience, it gives a breather to a lifestyle magazine.


This particular topic can always be a source of something fresh and new, therefore fit for Instagram. At the end of a long work week, workmates tend to chillax and they always want to know where could be a good place to unwind and also, to be the first to post about it in their social media.


What this is about? Storytelling. When a story is outrageous and out of this world, it triggers the brain to release happy hormones that could stimulate us to take it easy in life.


This is one way to retain your readers because it lets them discover something about themselves. Fun quizzes light up your magazine when it’s written outside the cover saying for example, “Take the quiz inside and find out if he’s into you too.


Now here’s to making challenges. Reader’s Digest always encourage people to take part in writing, submitting their works to their magazine. They reward certain jokes, feature articles and different forms of content that you pass to their publication. This certainly is beneficial for their magazines since it runs with real and exceptional content. What they publish remains fresh and authentic. On the other hand, it allows its readers to express themselves, earn a little money and take pride that they got featured. Your story could also inspire somebody. You’ll never know.


Going up close and personal to your idol even just through a magazine could come across inspiring and moving. It gives us a certain degree of connection when we get hold of what makes these celebrities ordinary still, despite of their exceptionally privileged life. They will say, “My life isn’t that bad after all,” or “Hey, he worked hard to get there too.” At the end of the day, your readers would not fall short into loving themselves because of snippets from celebrities about being a normal person.


A one-page run down of an exercise routine should never be absent in a lifestyle magazine. After all, keeping our health intact is the idea for it. You could title a piece; ‘how to best fit into a variety of basketball jerseys’.

What’s the use of featuring fashion when you don’t back it up with a fitness routine or a recipe that could maintain the best figure for it? A great editor would always find a way to feature its specific niche or tone considering these topics. Let it be your guide and add some unique titles to it.

Magazines are becoming more important and have many responsibilities to uphold. Regardless of the topic, make sure you are putting your everything into it!

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